Christmas Belle for Halloween

I wake up from a much needed afternoon nap to find Elise had talked Daddy into being "Kita" from Atlantis for Halloween dress up. The homemade Kita outfit consisted of a swimsuit top and a blue silk dress up skirt (part of a Cinderella costume) that has been worn and played in so many times it's ripped half way up the back. (However, she did create this outfit all on her own after watching Atlantis by piecing together what she thought looked like what Kita wears in the movie.) Did I mention she has been eating spaghetti in this outfit and it had small stains all over it? She looked AMAZING, I tell you! :) Matt is an awesome Dad because he lets her be who she is - Elise - but sometimes a Mommy has to take drastic measures.

She was tired of her wedding dress and SpiderMAN, so I finally coaxed her into being Christmas Belle... with the promise of wearing some of Mommy's makeup.

I really hated to miss out on watching her enjoy the last of the Halloween festivities, but Mattix has been making his presence known more and more - and Matt and I thought it would be best for me to stay home.


Here comes the Bride...

Nana found this gorgeous dress for Elise to wear at a yard sale to use for dress up and as one of her costumes during all the Fall Festival Parties at Preschool and Halloween. Elise was pretty excited to be "getting married" and took it very serious. When I first put on her dress for her Preschool Party on Monday - she told me that one of her buddies K was going to be her Prince. I thought he may be dressed like Spiderman, so I tried to warn Elise about K's costume, just to prevent her from being disappointed once we got to school. When I told her, Elise was sitting in a chair, so she props her chin on her little hand and looks up at me and says, "You mean K doesn't WANT to be my prince?" Such drama for a 3 year old.... :)

However, she had picked out two princes by the end of the day. She asked another friend of hers on the way into school to be her Prince, but since K ended up not dressing like Spiderman that day - she also decided he was her Prince too. I tried to tell her she could only pick one Prince to marry, but she insisted on having two.... (we'll tackle that battle at a later date.....)

On Friday we visited Daddy at work and then the Fayetteville Square for trick or treating.



Elise wanted to be Spider"Man" for one of her Fall Festival Dress up Days at Preschool. She was also quick to correct anyone who called her Spidergirl by telling them,

"No, I'm a Spider"MAN"! :)

Elise and her buddy J before Preschool starts having a "web" shoot out!

(Thanks to J's Mommy for sharing her pics with me.)

She's really good at looking "innocent" after being so ornery, isn't she? :)

Peeking into the dance studio, excited to start her party at Dance Class.

Patiently waiting for her class party to start.


Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Elise loves to express her disappointment, all good times must come to an end when it's time to go....