Ice Storm

The ice storm did its fair share of damage at our house. We had several trees lose limbs, but I saw other places that had much more damage than we did. We were without power for almost 4 nights!

Animal Parade

I noticed this animal parade she created and thought it would be cute to document this with a photo.

Elise is very particular about the placement of her toys and people for that matter. She is always telling us precisely where to sit and will move us or have us trade seats if we are not in the exact place she wants us.
On a daily basis I can expect to hear at least once:
- "Sit down" (patting the location she determines),
- "Get Up" (she will grab your hand(s) and tug you upwards and usually right after she has you sit down or if she wants you to dance with her),
- "C'mon" (she will wrap her whole hand around one of your index fingers and tug you in the direction she wants to go), and
- "Lay down" (while patting the spot right next to her - and this is usually at night when you are trying to slip away once you have her laying down in her bed or on the couch).


Mommy's High Heels

Elise LOVES to walk around in Mommy's high heels. She is pretty good at it too...


Day after birthday party

Elise still had birthday spirit by wearing her hat... however it looked like she was pretending to have an ice pack on her head. :-)


Luvie Hat

Elise decided to wear her luvie on her head one day. She must have a thing for hats because she seems to always like to wear things on her head.


Oreo Face

I just received the following email from Nana Pinkerton and thought this is definitely blog worthy!
"Elise's first encounter with an Oreo cookie. She looked at her hands and said 'O Man'. I cleaned her hands, but she didn't want me to clean her face. I snapped some pictures, and then I took her to the door mirror so she could see her face. She said 'Oh Man, Yuck' and stood still for me to clean her up."


Elise - 1st ice cream cone

While at Chick-fil-A recently, Elise saw another little boy with an ice cream cone and decided that she wanted one also. So, we got her one and she dug right in like a natural!


Elise the Mechanic

It seems that Elise is following in her Granddad Pinkerton's footsteps a little. With flashlight and screwdriver in hand, she took it upon herself in this photo to repair her swing (of which she is really too big for).