This just doesn't seem right...

First, I need to preface the following images with the fact that Elise LOVES Veggie Tales so much that we watch at least one episode a day (usually much more). She loves to dance to their silly songs, and at night we have to gather all the Veggie Tales books in our chair before bedtime to read while we "rawwk" in the rocking chair. ["Rawwk" is how she asks for me to rock her in the rocking chair.]

Okay.. so, I noticed Elise "cooking" in her kitchen, so I went over to see what she was cooking, and this is what I found. I know these are "veggies", but this just doesn't seem quite right... :)

The next time I looked - she had them in her cups ready to serve.

[what to do, what to do...] :)


1st Dental Appointment

Elise had her first dental appointment today at Pediatric Dental Associates [http://www.jett4kidds.com]. I thought she did fairly well. :) We got there and she loved seeing all the bright colors, kids playing everywhere (in the waiting rooms), and the fish. She had a great time 'waiting'. :)

Then we had her x-ray. She sat on Mommy's lap and did really well while they took her x-ray picture. Then we went to the open office for her to get her teeth checked and cleaned. She noticed the TV in the ceiling and exclaimed a drawn out "Woooow". She didn't seem to mind the dental assistant looking in her mouth with the tiny mirror. Mom's thinking - hmmm... so far so good. Then... it came time to get her teeth cleaned and she realized it was no longer her idea to lay down on the dental chair. At this point - she's not a happy camper. But she survived (Mom did everything from singing to patting to distract her and slow down the tears) and at the end she got a little toy duck. The dentist thought her teeth looked great - but recommended we start getting rid of the "Sassy" soon, which we expected.
(For all you prayer warriers out there - if you want to start lifting Elise up in your prayers that she makes a smooth transition saying 'bye-bye' to the Paci - we would be very grateful.)


Impromptu Photo Session

If you look closely you can almost hear her giggling... :)
(Cick on an image to see it larger.)

Some of these are a little dark - they are all straight out of the camera.)


Rockin' With Headphones

Elise seems to be following the iPod trend of listening to music with headphones. She's watched her dad wear these at his desk and decided that she needed to do that also. She must think that's just what you're supposed to do because there's not actually any music being
played through them :-)


The Lights are so Bright!

Elise has figured out that her luvie makes a good light shield in the
car :-)


Wrecker Service

We visited the mall late last week and Elise took a liking to the wrecker that was there....once again following in the footsteps of her Granddad.