Nana's Birthday

Happy Birthday Nana Pinkerton!

Took several attempts to learn how to 'blow' out the candle.

"YEAH! I did it".




It seems lately that one of her favorite games is to play "Nite nite". (Such a tease! But she is sleeping better through the night. Whoop, whoop!)

If it has wheels or will rock - you can bet she will try to ride it.... :)


Bike Seat on the "Big Bike"

Elise loves her bike seat on the "Big Bike". I'm sure she thinks she is such a big girl! Below are pictures of her first, short ride, but soon after this - Daddy took her on a real ride on the Fayetteville Bike trail.


Spring photos

Elise was dressed for her Preschool Spring portraits, so I decided it would be a great opportunity to try to capture a few candid photos as well...


Napa Bubbles

Elise helped Briana wash dishes recently and she loved it. She didn't get many dishes cleaned but she had a really good time with the suds that it made. Of course she had to wear my Napa winter hat in the house while doing it. She still seems to be into bubbles and hats.


Elise's Art

Elise loves to create 'Art' on Mommy's computer. She likes to hold my Wacom tablet pen to paint or to create letters (the letters are still created with Mommy's guidance). It's not uncommon to hear "Mommy, paaaaint, piiiink" over my shoulder as I am discovered on the computer.

Here is a sample of her work: