Little Actress/Drama Queen

In case you didn't know... Matt and I have a little actress and drama queen on our hands. She has mastered all sort of skills in the last few months. To name a few, she knows how to stand in front of one of her little buddies, fall down conviningly, and then get up and tell him to "stop pushing". She loves to sing and draw the last note out loudly and with such passion while closing her eyes and shaking her head for extra emphasis. She loves to dance or mimic anything she sees that looks like dancing (and I do believe she has skills, but I'm her mom...). She is mastering the art of ninja - you should check out her flying ninja kick. She calls the hogs by doing a little cheer (Whoo Pig Soooie, Ark-an-sas Razor-backs) and then does several little jumps and somewhat kicks. Daddy recently taught her how to do a touchdown dance - pretty cute. She likes to ask me to sing a song, and once I start singing, she starts doing a fake silent laugh, which causes us both to really laugh, and then abrubtly she stops lauging and asks for the song again and when I finally gain control to start sing again, she starts the cycle over by doing her fake silent laugh... She also bangs her toys together and have one toy ask the other toy, "oh did that hurt, I'm sorry" and say it in such a sweet sincere little voice you believe her, but in the next instant bang the toys together again - and asks again "oh did that hurt - I'm sorry"... and she has also discovered a "new trick" of laying on two couches at once (which she thinks is really neat). She actually asked, "loooooook mommy, take pic-ture", but instead of her ornery grin, she was all serious at first.


2nd Dentist Appointment

No cavities!!! Elise is part of the cavity free club. :) Everything looks great. She did really well for her exam and x-rays this time. We did get confirmation that her 2nd year molars are coming through - which we suspected.

We had a very fun checkup because Elise's dentist office had several razorback contests going on during the month of August. We joined in the festivities by dressing Elise up in her Razorback cheerleading outfit. She now LOVES to go to the dentist. There are all kinds of cool things to look at and do in the waiting room. She even won a little Razorback football because she called the hogs for them. (Whooo Pig Soooie!)

Here's the football she won. :)