Elise's Big Girl Room

Here it is almost done. I plan to put up some sort of curtains and I still have one wall that is not quite finished.

The most exciting part is she slept last night from 9:10pm to 8:15am this morning - in her room!!!! WHOOP! WHOOP! (Big thanks to Nana and Granddad Pinkerton for wearing her out yesterday!)

She seems to really like her room and thinks the tent is really neat. The part that melted my heart though, is this morning after she drank her chocolate milk, she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and says in her excited little voice, "Daddy fix bed and slide cuz Daddy luvs Eweese".

Yep, sweetheart, he sure does... :)

She had to drag alllllll her friends up to her new play area - and eventually most of them tried out the slide. :)

Elise received this at her first birthday from close friends of ours, the Harwoods; I was so excited when I realized it would sit on the window ledge.

The first outfit above the door is the dress Elise was dedicated in. The next outfit is her first dance outfit we had pictures taken in at 4 months. The last outfit was supposed to be her coming home outfit from the hospital, but she was a month old before she fit into it. :)

Elise received so many beautiful blankets and handmade items at her showers that are so special to me, that I have them scattered around her room for decoration. The cross stitched blanket on the wall was made by my Aunt Kay. The yellow afghan on the corner of the bed was made by my Aunt Novel. Their are three more blankets around the armoire that were made by her Nana, her Aunt Oleta, and Grandma Snodgrass. The receiving blanket on the end of the bed was made by my Aunt Liz. The little handmade hats on the wall were also made by her Nana. We were very blessed!

The outfit on the wall behind the armoire is the clothes she wore to her first birthday party.

Elise has also really enjoyed her little chair, which were gifted to her by her Grandmom & Granddad Snodgrass.


Big Girl Bed

We have officially upgraded from a toddler bed. I had been searching for a solution to make the most of the space in her bedroom, and I stubbled across this bed.

We just put this bed together last night - so please do not look at her room decor, which I'm still arranging...

She decided her toy puppy needed to slide too.

I have enough room for her toy box, which doubles as a play table, and her toddler mattress under the loft bed. The loft bed will be more for play and housing stuffed toys, pillows, etc., until she gets older.

Her tent will velcrow shut, so she is trying to hold one of our cats hostage....

Who, me? Trying to look innocent....

Playing hide and seek, by hiding under her slide.


KDO Fall Parties - Sassy Ladybug

Of course, she wouldn't be a ladybug if she didn't fly around... (she just happens to be flying in a circle here)