Elise Updates


Her favorite game right now is playing chase. She loves for someone (usually Mommy or Nana) to start coming towards her slowly and act like they are about to 'get' her. She takes off almost running and squealing to the safest haven she can find (usually her Daddy or Granddad). Then she has to turn around and make sure someone is still coming after her. If you give up the 'chase', she will usually come back and look at you like "aren't you gonna come after me?"

She is also into carrying heavy objects. So heavy that she wobbles back and forth as she lugs them across the room. She carried one box, weighing 3.5 pounds, to every quadrant of our bedroom before starting all over again - for at least 15 minutes. (She just barely weighs in at 24 pounds herself!)


These aren't her 'standing stunts' on her Dora push car, but I thought they were worthy of sharing. :)


Updates: Elise has discovered fishsticks - and LOVES them! She actually ate four of them last night. When Mommy feeds them to her, she'll ham it up a little by opening her eyes a little wider and doing a 'Yummy shudder' after most bites. The first time Daddy saw this, he laughed through most of her meal. :)

She insists on feeding Mommy some of her meals - except her fishsticks. She still likes to perform standing stunts on her Dora push car. (working on prevention... :) She loves books and enjoys sitting in your lap and listening to you read. She has also mastered twirling around in a circle, and if she's feeling spunky, she'll give you a little dance to go along with her twirl.


First Snow

Here's our little Valentine... :)


Today she learned she can stand up on the seat of her Dora Explorer push car. She starts off by straddling the seat and holding on to the steering wheel, then she manages to get both of her knees onto the seat. From there she stands up while bent over still holding the steering wheel. Then of course, the last step is to stand all the way up without holding onto anything. She's waving her hands excitedly, so proud of her new trick... while, I'm whisking her off the seat and standing her on the floor, thinking... here's another toy we're going to be watching her every move on!

We just celebrated Elise's 1st Birthday. Here is a recent image of her we shot for her birthday invitation.