2008 Favorites - Slideshow

Since I am STILL so far behind on "posts", I created a slideshow of all my favorite pictures from 2008 also.

(I also created a small slideshow on the right hand column of this blog for easy reference after this "post" gets covered up.)



Elise's Birthday Invitation

I just finished designing Elise's birthday invitation. She's crazy about Veggie Tales - so we decided it would be a perfect theme for her birthday party!


Princess Elise

Elise seemed to take a liking to the bling that Granddad and Nana Pinkerton got her for Christmas.


Christmas Eve Cookies

We ended Christmas Eve by making some home made sugar cookies. Elise was actually already in bed when we made them so she didn't get to help us any. However, she did like the taste of them. This was a fun event that we may have to do every Christmas Eve!


Morning Sombrero

It seemed that Elise was in the Mexican spirit this morning as she was walking around the house with this little sombrero on.


Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!

We went to see the Rockettes for the first time. They were putting on their Christmas Spectacular show for three days in Tulsa. Unfortunately we didn't get a good pic but better than nothing.


Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season! Below is our family Christmas card.


Elise decided she needed MORE crackers

I left the living room with a single fish stick left on Elise's plate and a forgotten closed box of crackers sitting next to the couch. I guess Elise decided she might need MORE crackers (or more precisely - the ENTIRE box of crackers)

After my first "Oh, wow" (I grabbed the camera), and I asked her if she needed help. This was the response I got...

Can you almost hear her?

Who me?

Nope, got it under control, Mom. :)

However, I am quite proud that the majority of the crackers WERE on the plate. Not bad for a 22 month old. :)

Her favorite word... "YUMMY"