Desires of my heart...

When Elise was still in the tummy, one of the desires of my heart was for Elise to inherit her Daddy's musical talent - both vocal and instrumental. Another desire of my heart was for her to love and have the ability to dance... and so far God has granted all these desires... abundantly. :)

Daddy captured the picture below with his i-phone.
"Veggie Tale Karoake, anyone?"


Dr. Daddy & I-cream

Elise LOVES Ice Cream and Popsicles. Mommy and Daddy both gives out popsicles, but it seems that Daddy is the one that has been dipping out Elise's ice cream. Today it was so cute - as soon as Daddy came home, she runs over to the freezer and starts saying "I-cream, I-cream". Daddy and I start discussing if we think she has had enough dinner (that she had been eating before Daddy came home). Well, the next thing we know she has wiggled and grinned herself down to Daddy's shoes and proceeds to kiss his shoes to coax him into giving her ice cream. Where she learned that - I have no idea! She also already has the squinted eyes/adorable smile - while saying "pweeeeease" down as well. In fact, it's REALLY hard to say 'no' when she does that...

[Dr. Daddy]
As I was about to start Elise's bedtime routine, I asked for Matt to look at a place on my side where I had an insect bite to make sure it wasn't getting infected. So I layed down so Matt could look at it with a flashlight (since Elise's room was dim lit). After Matt inspected my side, Elise layed down next to me and lifted her shirt so Daddy could inspect her imaginary boo boo as well. He took the flashlight and pretended to look at her like he had me, and then he told her she was fine. He started to get up - but she immediately said "again". Meaning she wanted to play doctor/patient one more time. We may started a new game...


Flowers and Worms

I LOVE spring time and I'm so excited that some of my flowers are starting to bloom, however this year I don't know how many are actually going to stay in my flowerbeds... It seems Elise really enjoys picking them. She's also fascinated with worms or any other wiggly creature. We've already found several earthworms, catapillers, a snail, and a slug (ugg!). She's so fascinated with flowers and worms that whenever we are getting in the car, she tells them, "bye fowers, bye worrms". Or if we are actually going outside, she immediately reminds me, "Fowers, Worrms".


Sarah's 3rd Birthday!

Elise attended her cousin, Sarah's, 3rd birthday party this last weekend. It was a challenge to keep Elise out of the cake while Sarah opened her gifts. (Sarah, we hope you had a special day!) :)

The birthday girl!


Sarah is actually holding up 3 fingers to show Elise how old she is.

Elise was trying to imitate Sarah by holding up her fingers too... but it also looks like she is saying, "You want a piece of me?" :)

A little sweet look.

Isaiah, or "Say-uh" as Elise says it.

The beautiful big sister, Erika.

Sarah is loving shoes... watch out Joe & LeAnn!

The birthday girl with Aunt Allena and Evan.

My incredible brother and sister, Joe and Allena. :)



Elise is becoming quite the social butterfly... :) I hosted a baby shower on the 9th and Elise and Daddy got back home before the gifts were all opened. Daddy tried to keep Elise occupied with a movie at the back of our house, but I kept hearing her crying. I went back to check on her. When I got to her, she just looked at me and said "Peeeeeeople, Peeeeeeople", in her most drawn out and dramatic voice. I asked her if she wanted to go see the people - and she did. I took her back to the living room with me and sat her on my lap. She was all smiles and looked around and waved and said in a sweet little voice, "Hi People". :)


Paci - FREE

We are extremely proud of Elise to say that since the evening of her dental appointment Elise is Paci FREE - (with only one minor hiccup the following night). It went a lot smoother than I expected and I can only express my thankfulness to all of you that lifted us up in prayer to help us through this transition because Elise was VERY dependent on it. The first night (evening of her dental appointment) Elise and Mommy went on a Paci hunt looking for her Paci(s). Elise was really looking for them while Mommy was finding them and tucking them away in her pocket. After the hunt was complete, everytime Elise would ask for her "Sassssy" - we would simply say, "We looked for it - where is it?" Then she would say, "Sassy, where ARRRe you?" At first, there was a little bit of tears, but it is now a game. She still asks for it (less and less), but will usually follow her own question with "Sassy, where are you?", and then answer "I don't know". Sometimes there is even a little giggle. All I can say is "Whew!". Glad to have that behind us. :)

Next tasks on the list... Better sleep schedule and Potty Training... "Oh Boy...."

Here's a picture of Elise showing off her teeth without the Paci/Sassy.