Spreading some Christmas cheer via Elise-isms

Me: "Elise, look it's Chuck E Cheese." Elise: "Yes, it's Yucky Cheese, right there."

Me: "Elise do you want to go to Chick-fil-a?" Elise: "Yes! Chick n Play, want to go to chick n play!"

Elise: (At KDO to one of her teachers) "I hear music!" Puts her little hand on the side of her face, "Isn't it lovely?"

Elise: "Mommy, want a tail! Want in the movie! (As she is watching The Little Mermaid and standing on the couch with her arms spread wide so King Triton can use his magic and convert her into a mermaid.)

Elise: "Mommy, I pee-peed in the potty! I'm sooooo proud of you." Mommy: (wait, that's my line!)

Me: "Elise, listen, I'm serious." Elise: "I'm NOT Junior sparagus!"

Elise: "Pooty, Pooty, where's Pooty!?!? Me: "Elise, what's Pooty? What are you looking for?" Elise: "Pooty, Mommy where's Pooty?" Me: Wracking my brain to figure out what she is talking about, "Elise, I don't know what Pooty is..." Elise: "There she is, there's Sleeping Pooty!" (Sleeping Beauty)

Me: "Elise, why is your banana in the floor and not on your plate?" Elise: "It got a time-out."

Elise has a BIG potty training accident, and I tell her "Mommy is NOT HAPPY with you, look at this mess..." Well, she just cups her little hand to the side of my face, looks me in the eyes, and says, "Mommy, you need to get happy".

Elise: "Mommy where's fish?" (While she is playing with her little princesses and the play-do at her little table. Me: Searching for Flounder, a small fish toy under the couch, the floor, everywhere..."I don't know where Flounder is." Elise: Grinning really big, "In the pla-may-to!" (play-do) I look at her table and see a ball torn open and the fish inside and all her princesses doing headstands in the play-do.

Hope some of these made you smile... Merry Christmas!

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  1. Brianna, your little one is hysterical. I enjoyed reading your post.